Dapp is an important component of the public chain ecology and an important manifestation of the vitality of the public chain. From the perspective of developers, DAPP mainly includes two parts: contract development and interaction with public chain.

The current module mainly explains the content used to interact with the public chain (contract development will be introduced in the Move contract related module), such as listening to on-chain transactions, signing transactions, etc, to help you quickly get started and master the interaction with Layer1.

Dapp [Dapp development guide, easy to get started]

https://starcoin.org/zh/developer/how_to_dapp/how_to_dapp/ https://starcoin.org/zh/developer/blog/starcoin_dapp/


Introduces how to build the environment required for DAPP development based on Starcoin.


Introduces how to use the SDK implemented in different languages, mainly including JavaScript, Java, Golang, Python, etc.


Describes how the StarMask API is used, for example to invoke StarMask for transaction signing.


Introducing simple DAPP examples to help get started developing DAPPs quickly.


Starcoin RPC documentation